Environment Agency flume work on River Chew

Work has started on the flume on the River Chew and is due for completion in September 2024.

The Environment Agency would be giving a talk to the Compton Dando Community Association (CDCA) about their work on the flume.

As well as work on the flume, which is used to monitor river levels in order to issue flood warnings, the Environment Agency would be installing an ‘eel pass’. (An elver pass or eel pass is a waterway modification constructed to mitigate the effects of obstructions, especially manmade weirs, on waterways, watercourses, ditches, drains, channels and flumes, on the movement of eels, fish and elvers (juvenile eels)).

A photo taken by a drone showing preparation work being carried out on the River Chew for work on the flume
Preparation for work on the River Chew flume

A photo of the River Chew flume before maintenance was commenced